Author Interview: Kiki Archer

For the second author Q&A on ceLEStial books, I am very grateful to welcome Kiki Archer. She " the UK-based author of eight best-selling, award-winning novels." Kiki is an amazing example of a successful, independent novelist. There are lots of fascinating interviews on her website that delve into her rising career. Her social media presence reflects her general awesomeness as a public figure in the LGBTI+ community.

1. What's one book you remember reading in high school? What stood out for you during or after reading it?

I only remember reading Jane Eyre because it was our English literature text. I remember a section where Jane randomly hears Mr Rochester's voice echoing around her. That's as far as my love of the classics came and went. I was never a big reader in school, focusing instead on sports. All the sports. In fact I probably read more sport psychology than anything else. 

2. If you were writing the screenplay for Disney's first  lesbian animated film, which two existing Disney characters would you bring together as a couple?

Merida from Brave is clearly a lesbian, as is Elsa from Frozen. A wintry themed archery and magic mash-up would be on the cards. 

3. The Beatles or David Bowie?

Neither. I'm a pop ballads type girl. Give me Celine, Mariah or Whitney any day of the week.

4. Not only do you write extremely popular lesbian romance novels, your YouTube videos have had, collectively, well over 100,000 views. As a fellow 80s child, I've become a bit addicted to the channel. I couldn't stop laughing at the "show her your tats" moment, or the glorious apathy of your cat on camera. 

Which of your YouTube videos did you have the absolute most fun making and why?

My YouTube tells me it's 260,640 views to date.

That's the funniest thing, the idea that so many people are watching my nonsense. I loved filming all the ones related to Wiki How. It's such an informative site. I have a vlog planned for next week: How to dress like a lesbian (using wiki how's helpful tips) ... watch out for it.

5. You've recently attended the Lammy's, having been nominated for an award (congratulations!). Can you tell us about one memorable moment or aspect of that event? 

Hanging out with Cynthia Nixon. I love Sex and the City and felt like a real New Yorker being part of her gang. But it was an honour to make the finals of such a prestigious award.

6. Thinking about A Fairytale of Possibilities, what aspect of the work would you say you're most proud of?

All of it. It's been my favourite book to write. Lauren and Rachel are my favourite characters, ever. So many people never have the nerve to say how they really feel. They spend their entire lives holding on to their feelings; feelings, that if allowed a voice, can lead to the most beautiful of stories. Yes this is a fairytale, but don't we all want the dream? 

7. Coffee or tea? Or something else entirely?

I drink copious amounts of both. I'm also partial to a gin and tonic.

8. Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this interview! To finish off, could you tell us what book is next in line on your 'to read' list? How did it come to your attention?

It's Peter James' latest. I'm a huge fan of his Roy Grace series and read the new one each summer.

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